As a life long dog owner and animal lover, this is not my part time job.  Dogs are my absolute passion, and I could not be happier to make a life surrounded by them! Recess was developed to provide a service to both you and your urban dog. My team and I offer custom tailored experiences based on the needs of both you and your particular pup. In New York City, space is at a minimum, so a service like ours is crucial to the mental and physical health of your dog. 
Although large dog walking companies are available here in the city, they are not for everyone. They certainly were not for me or my dogs.  If you are like me, you want to know exactly who will have the spare keys to your apartment, and you need to know that the person who is taking care of your dog is respecting your personal “parental approach.”  Dogs thrive on a solid routine, and I think it is important for them to not only recognize, but have a bond with the person coming in each day to spend time with them.  For this reason, as my client list has continued to grow, I have brought a few other dog lovers on board with me. As you will soon see, our team is made up of amazing people who love and understand dogs like I do.

On behalf of the Recess team, we look forward to meeting you and your pup very soon!
                                                              ~ Beth 

"We offer more than just a bathroom break!"
~fun for fur kids~